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In a 1998 publication entitled, Comprehensive School Reform Guidance, the United States Department of Education identified the critical elements of successful school improvement. The very first and most important element cited was the use of effective, research-based methods, strategies, and programs for learning, teaching, and school management.

The American Institutes for Research’s 1999 report, An Educators’ Guide to School-Wide Reform, unequivocally established a clear framework for making significant changes in the impact of reading and language arts instruction. “A sound program, clear staff development procedures and on-going support from “experts” in teacher training, are the most important critical components for success.”

The USDOE report concludes by stressing the wisdom of securing “high-quality external support and assistance from a comprehensive school reform entity with experience in school-wide reform and improvement.”

ERI has formed an able cadre of additional staff resources. Formerly superlative teachers and administrators, these men and women are now exemplary trainers and staff development specialists. The full range of staff resources available to ERI accounts for well over a century of experience, insight, and wisdom in creating “Effective Schools via Sound Staff Development Programs.”

ERI enables its client partners to create increasingly effective schools where:
  • The overwhelming majority of students achieve or exceed grade level norms.
  • Staff systematically acquire levels of technical expertise far above the norm.

  • Administrative staff gain the leadership knowledge, skill, and confidence to assume full accountability for student achievement and staff performance.
ERI offers a wide range of staff development services
  • School-Wide or Single Program Implementations
  • Classroom Instruction Management Training and On-Site Coaching
  • Administrative Leadership Training
  • Literacy and Math Coaching Training
  • Research and Evaluation Services
Tailored Teacher Training in All Direct Instruction Programs
  • Reading Mastery Classic, Plus, Signature Edition
  • Corrective Reading
  • Horizons
  • Spelling Mastery, Corrective Math

ERI provides Training and Support Services for:
  • Reading Mastery Classic, Plus, Signature Edition
  • Corrective Reading
  • Horizons
  • Spelling Mastery, Corrective Math
  • Rewards
  • Read to Achieve
  • Saxon Math
  • Adventures in Language
  • High Performance Writing
  • Connections
  • Reading for Success
  • Series Launcher
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