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ERI is proud to present:

Lesson Fidelity Checklist app for iPad and iPhone!

Lesson Fidelity Checklists is an app for school administrators to create simple, yet effective fidelity checklists on your iPhone or iPad!

Since many schools are now required to conduct regular fidelity checks for teachers, ERI has developed this app to make the process a snap.  The app comes with the Lesson Fidelity Checklist preloaded.  With just a tap of the finger, a report can be generated for each teacher you observe. It’s fast, accurate, and on target.  When an evaluation is complete it can be saved on the device for future reference or, quickly emailed from within the app.   It will prove to be an invaluable tool for administrators and coaches and will streamline the entire process of observations.  For those users of Direct Instruction Curricula, there is a separate form available as an in-app purchase that supports DI programs.

How to use the app:


1.  To begin an observation, complete the blanks in the New Observation Window.  When complete, tap the “Begin Observation” button.


2.  The Observation Window will display the information entered from the previous page.  To choose the form that you would like to use, select the “Pick Form” button. 


3.  On the Forms page you have your choice of forms to use:  You can choose the universal "Lesson Fidelity Checklist", "Direct Instruction Qualitative Lesson Checklist" which is intended for users of the Direct Instruction curricula) or create your own custom form.


     Once you have selected a form, tap the box to the right of each checklist indicator if the teacher demonstrates the behavior. Leave the box un-checked if the behavior is not demonstrated.


5.  As you check off items, a tally number and proficiency percentage will be calculated at the bottom.   There is also space provided at the bottom of the form to add your own comments.  If you want to complete the form at another time, select the Observation Info button on the top left of the screen.


6.  Tap the preview button to see the form in its entirety.  The form can be easily e-mailed by selecting the send icon on the top right corner of the screen.  If you don’t want to e-mail the form, simply navigate backwards by hitting the Observation Info button on the top left of the screen.


7.  To view all the observations you have completed, click the Records button at the bottom of the Edit Observation page. For your convenience a tab is provided at the top to sort the records by school name, teacher name or date.

Frequently asked questions:


Does the app come with any preloaded forms?

Yes, the app includes a universal Lesson Fidelity Checklist, that is perfect for checking general lesson fidelity criteria.  There is also a Direct Instruction Qualitative Lesson form available as an in app purchase.  We will be adding new forms available for purchase in the future. 


Does the app support iCloud?

The app does not support cloud services and the information that you enter will be saved on that device only.


Is the app available for Android or other mobile operating systems?

Currently the app is only available for use on the iPhone and iPad.


Do I need to sign up or have a subscription?

No subscription or membership is required to use the app.


What is the Direct Instruction Qualitative Lesson Form?

The Direct Instruction Qualitative Lesson form is a form designed specifically for use with Direct Instruction programs such as Reading Mastery, Corrective Reading, and other fine DI programs.  This form is available for purchase for $4.99 within the app.  Your iTunes account will automatically be reduced by that amount when you purchase this form. 


I have previously used a form in the past that I like.  Can I use that form on this app?

Yes, you can create custom forms, however keep in mind that all forms will follow the same format.  Each requires a category heading,followed by 5 specific checklist items. 


Once I have created an observation, how can I find it?

You can find the completed observations by clicking on the records tab at the bottom of the New Observation page.


If I have an incomplete observation,can I complete it at a later time?

Yes, simply find that observation under the records tab and the form will open so that you can finish your observation.


How do I e-mail an observation when it is completed?

Once you have previewed your completed form, you can e-mail it to anyone by clicking the send button at the top right of the preview screen.   •••NOTE••• You must have an active email account set up in the mail app, in order to use the email function.  If you do not have an account set up in the mail app, it will cause our app to crash, because you do not have an active account to send mail from.

If you have technical questions about the app e-mail us here.   Please be sure to include any pertinent information regarding your device, operating system, etc.




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