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Educational Resources, Inc offers a wide range of services including, school-wide or single program implementations, staff development, classroom instructional management training, administrative leadership training, and literacy coaching training. If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact us.

Where Do You Start?

Planning for a successful implementation with Educational Resources, Inc. involves strategic planning. The plans and process follow eight essential benchmarks. These STEPS when completed will guide you and your staff down a successful path leading to significant and positive systemic change.

Step 1: A one-day ORIENTATION for district administrative personnel is conducted prior to initiating the implementation.

Step 2: An IMPLEMENTATION SURVEY (download here) for each school is completed and returned to the Operations Office at ERI.

Step 3: PLACEMENT TESTING TRAINING of district personnel (preferably in the spring prior to the fall implementation) is scheduled.

Step 4: ERI will train a TESTING CADRE from each campus. Placement testing of all students is completed immediately at each school.

Step 5: MASTER GROUPINGS are formed for each campus with the supervision of ERI. ERI will coordinate specific MATERIALS ORDERS for each building.

Step 6: PRE-SERVICE TRAINING for the D.I. programs is conducted during the summer or early fall for ALL staff members.

Step 7: PRE-PLANNING SET UP - time is scheduled before the start of the implementation to work with instructional materials disbursement, and final groupings.

Step 8: Regular and on-going SUPPORTIVE SUPERVISION (coaching) is conducted throughout the school year using a “Side-by-Side” coaching model.

Step 9: ERI will assist in the on-going training of site-based TEACHER MENTORS/READING COACHES. These site-based teams will assume increasing amounts of responsibility for supervision of the D.I. implementation.

Step 10: ERI will established an ADMINISTRATIVE ACADEMY for the District that will include training and on-going support and coaching of district level administrators.

ERI prides itself in creating school environments that are successful, supportive, and positive. ERI will assist
each campus in developing a PARENT FRIENDLY SCHOOL.

Taking the first important step involves NO financial commitment......:
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