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News & Events > Principal of the Year - Tammy Corum, Stevenson Elementary School, Russellville, KY
Principal of the Year! Tammy Corum, Principal at Stevenson Elementary School, Russellville, KY Each year ERI chooses a Principal to honor as a Principal of the Year. This year we are proud to have choosen Tammy Corum from our partner school Stevenson Elementary in Russellville, KY! Tammy Corum has been the principal at Stevenson Elementary School for the past 3 years. She has been married to Allen Corum since 1981. She has 4 children, and 3 have gone on to teach. She is also a pianist and Children's' Choir Director at her church. She has worked with Russellville City Schools in Kentucky since 1981 after graduating with a 4.0 from Western Kentucky University in 1980. She began as a first grade teacher then became a Curriculum Coordinator, then a Highly Skilled Educator, and now the principal at Stevenson. She is a committed and caring leader in everything that she does. Tammy Corum is a believer of DI, and a believer of hard work to get results! She has very high expectations of her teachers as well as her students. She is a no-nonsense type of principal that gets into the classrooms and works alongside teachers, students and coaches during reading. She continues to learn all she can about Reading Mastery, visiting all the classes with the ERI coach so that she can be an expert also, helping her teachers achieve the goal of stellar teaching and her students achieve the goal of confident reading. She has a very hands-on approach that works! She will even jump in and model or teach when necessary. She is aware of every teacher's strengths and weaknesses, giving support to teachers to turn weaknesses into strengths. She communicates well with her teachers, and they know that she cares. For every decision that she makes at her school, she puts her students' needs first. She is also very supportive in providing resources for her teachers. She is a principal to be admired and commended for all she does. In 2009, Stevenson Elementary's State Assessment scores were 55.7 proficient and in 2010 they were 65.51 proficient in reading. Their goal for 2011 is to be 81% proficient. Their novice students were decreased 4.13 percent from 2009 to 2010 which meant they achieved Safe Harbor. Congratulations Tammy!
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