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Who could have imagined that 19 years ago, a group of passionate educators could have come together and formed an organization that would still be making a difference in the lives of school children across the U.S today. That’s right for 19 years, ERI has continued to work with schools and raise academic achievement levels beyond what most would have expected. It was just a few years ago that we took the State ofAlabama to the top as the 4th highest scoring state in reading achievement.Along with these successes comes some huge disappointments, however. Education remains in poor shape. Too many times decisions about the future of our children rest in the hands of well intentioned individuals who make poor decisions. The challenge for us all is to ensure that we do not experiment on our future citizens. That when we make important decisions about what and how we teach, we base our judgement of research; hard core, empirical student achievement data. Unfortunately, this is seldo
m the case. ERI has continued to proudly support the work of Zigfried Engelmann’s 50 year history of writing programs that have a proven track. The results are in. Those tried and trueDirect Instruction programs that come under his pen, continue to show the kinds of results we would expect, when trained and support properly. Anything else is not enough. So as we enter our 20th year, everyone at ERI thanks those folks past and present who have helped make a difference. The mission continues!

Paul McKinney, President
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