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Series Launchers (Student Workbooks) By Novel Ideas, Inc.

Series Launcher Student Workbooks (Packages of 10)
Written by Terry Dodds and Fay Goodfellow
Consumable Workbooks Designed to Correlate with the Series Launcher Teacher Presentation Book

Student Workbooks Include:
• Words I Want to Remember
Individualized word bank offers a place for students to record words that are important to their reading and writing.
• Introducing the Author
Expository passages introduce the author of each series and provide background information as required.
• Words from the Story
Vocabulary lists are firmed to mastery in each lesson, with meanings presented in a variety of formats. Word analysis skills from various state standards such as root word, prefixes, and suffixes are covered.
• Learning about Words
Follow-up activities include fill in the blanks, multiple choice in test-practice format, word and phrase replacement, meaning from context, synonyms, and opposites/antonyms.
• Showing What I Have Learned
Extension activities include a wide range of activities including expanded written responses, sketching, drawing, labeling, webbing, cooperative activities, technology, and projects.
• Writer’s Checklist
Evaluation of writing projects is based on the Six Traits.
• End of Unit Test
Each chapter book or novel has an end of unit test for evaluation purposes which includes word reading, a timed passage reading, vocabulary, short response comprehension, and paragraph response writing.
• Read a Second and Third Book
The student booklet includes open-ended literary analysis response forms for two additional books in the series or by the same author
• Read-On
A bibliography of other selections in the series or by the same author is listed on the back cover of the student book.

Prices below are for packages of 10 workbooks

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 Series Launchers (Student Workbooks) By Novel Ideas, Inc.

 Level 1 (Readability Range 1.5 - 2.3)

 Student Workbook (Amelia Bedelia-Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Henry and Mudge-Henry and Mudge: The First Book)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Little Bear-Little Bear)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Marvin Redpost-Marvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Arnold Lobel-Mouse Tales)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Nate the Great-Nate the Great and the Big Sniff)Qty: 

 Level 2 (Readability Range 2.0 - 3.0)

 Student Workbook (Dragon Slayer's Academy-The New Kid at School)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Arthur-Arthur Accused!)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (A to Z Mysteries-The Absent Author) (Book1)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Magic Treehouse -Dinosaurs Before Dark)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Judy Blume-The One in the Middle is a Green Kangaroo)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Junie B. Jones-Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus)Qty: 

 NEW!Student Workbook (Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Stanley-Stanley and the Magic Lamp)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Pixie Tricks-Sprite's Secret)Qty: 

 Level 3 (Readability Range 2.8 - 3.9)

 Student Workbook (Carole Marsh Mysteries - The Awesome Aquarium Mystery)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Andrew Lost-Andrew Lost On The Dog)Qty: 

 NEW!Student Workbook (Abby Takes a Stand - The Scraps of Time Series)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (The Box Car Children-The Box Car Children)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs - The Buried Bones Mystery)Qty: 

 NEW!Student Workbook (Ferno the Fire Dragon)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (The Bailey School Kids-Genies Don't Ride Bicycles)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Horrible Harry-Horrible Harry and the Dungeon)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (The Secrets of Droon-The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (If You Series - If Your Name was changed at Ellis Island)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Julian-Julian's Glorious Summer)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (Cam Jansen-The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds)Qty: 

 Student Workbook (The Littles-The Littles Take a Trip)Qty: 

 Level 4 (Readability Range 3.8 - 5.9)

 Student Workbook (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) (Temporarily Available)Qty: 

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