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Audio Training for Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
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Covering the Bases
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2010 Edition Includes New Titles Celebrating Native American Heritage

Covering the Bases is designed for students in grades K-2. The program is intended to supplement vocabulary and comprehension instruction for Reading Mastery I and II, and Fast Cycle I and II.

• Titles selected include popular trade books available through most publishing companies.
• Books are organized around seasonal themes,
• Cover content related to most major social studies and science standards,
• Each grade level (K, 1, 2) contains lessons that cover Fall, Winter & Spring themes,
• Each is a Full Year Program for teachers.
• All books have been carefully selected to reflect a variety of genre.
• Each book has 5 lessons designed to be taught over a one week time frame.
• Each grade level (K,1,2) program covers the entire year of themes and activities.

• Lessons are designed so that routines for each title remain similar, allowing for ease of implementation.
• Teacher instruction takes place for approximately 20 minutes and then students complete related activities independently.
• Activities are designed so that students can complete them with minimal teacher instruction.
• All student materials are blackline mastered for classroom reproduction.

Covering the Bases: Improving Comprehension through Literature

Lesson Components:
• Day 1: Prereading Activities and Activating Prior Knowledge

• Day 2: Vocabulary and First Read

• Day 3: Reading for Meaning and Second Read
Comprehension questions and activities reflect multi-leveled questions typically found on norm-referenced tests

• Day 4: Preparing to Respond to Literature
Students engage in meaningful independent tasks using a variety of organizational webs and maps as well as a variety of literature based activities related to the selection for the week

• Day 5: Responding to Literature
Multiple graphic organizers that lend themselves to written responses to literature are used in instruction and independent work

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 Covering the Bases

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