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Advanced Training DVD
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Corrective Reading DVD's (1999 Edition)

Corrective Reading Set for Decoding (1999 Edition)

• Three Tape Series for Decoding A, B1, B2, & C
• Each Tape Contains Actual Lessons from the Teacher’s Series Guide
• Each Tape is Professionally Produced in Actual Classroom Settings
• Each Tape Highlights a Variety of Teacher Styles

Corrective Reading Set for Comprehension (1999 Edition)

• Three Tape Series for Comprehension A, B, & C
• Each Tape Contains Sample Lessons from the Teacher’s Series Guide
• Each Tape Set Offers Important Training on Signals and Corrections!

Both sets contain a wide sampling of lessons from each of the Decoding and Comprehension programs. Lesson segments include elementary and secondary students and real teachers. Professionally produced and edited, these tape series offer the new and experienced teacher an opportunity to become highly skilled remedial reading teachers. Both sets are sold separately for ease of ordering.

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 Corrective Reading DVD's (1999 Edition)

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Video: Corrective Reading Decoding

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