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Connections 2013 (Includes Build & Read and Story Reading & Fluency Intervention Binders)
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Tools for Success: Math Facts by Novel Ideas

Tools for Success (An Oral Math Facts Program)

From the authors of Adventures in Language, Reading for Success and Series Launchers!

An efficient and effective way to memorize basic math facts
• Strategies for teaching unknown facts
• Routines that ensure memorization and on-going recall
• Can be used with individuals, small groups, or whole classes
• Takes less than 15 minutes a day

Why Memorize Basic Math Facts?

Most math teachers believe:
• Lack of fluency in basic math fact recall significantly hinders a child's subsequent progress with problem-solving, algebra, and higher-order math concepts.
• Second graders should have quick recall of basic addition and subtraction facts.
• Fourth graders must have quick recall of multiplication and division facts.

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 Tools for Success: Math Facts by Novel Ideas

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