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Tools for Success: Math Operations by Novel Ideas

Knowledge of basic math algorithms and operations are important factors for success in mathematics. Often students who are experiencing difficulty in mathematics are students who have not mastered the basic math algorithms and operations at a speed and accuracy rate that allow them to solve word problems efficiently. Many students know what operation to use to solve word problems, but often make errors when doing calculations with fluency and accuracy. This lack of basic math knowledge significantly affects students’ success with problem solving. They make errors such as setting up subtraction problems with the small number on top or errors with regrouping incorrectly. Students often are not organized in their approach to solving a problem and have difficulty keeping track of what they are doing as they solve a problem in each column. Students who do not know the steps for basic computation will experience difficulty with extended responses on math tests where they are required to explain the steps they used to solve a problem.

The focus of the Tools for Success Math Operations modules is on specific direct instruction strategies and repeated practice for learning basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication algorithms and operations that teachers, parents, and homework providers can use to increase student success in computation. The direct instruction strategies provided in this program offer a carefully planned sequence of instruction, generalizable strategies, and procedures for practice, review, and mastery. These math operations modules are non-age specific and may be used each year to “tune-up” students’ basic computation skills as they become more fluent and accurate problem solvers. Students and teachers can chart individual progress on the progress chart found inside the front cover of the student workbook.

A 15 to 20 minute daily routine of instruction and independent written practice offers the students consistent practice that is efficient, interesting, and motivating with a minimum amount of marking required of the teacher. The modules can be used as part of your daily math lesson, as an easy to use homework program, or in out of class tutoring sessions. Clear routines and procedures provide students with special needs an easy to use format and help them develop the organizational skills for successful problem solving.

Program Components
• Teacher Presentation Book for each operation with scripted lessons and reproducible blackline masters for placement tests with answer key, mastery tests with answer key, and certificate of achievement for completing the module at mastery.
• Answer key for daily lesson pages and for extra practice pages.
• Consumable student books that include daily lesson pages and extra practice pages—one book for each operation.

Tools for Success Math Operations provide teachers and students with:

• an easy to use 15-20 minute daily routine of instruction and practice that introduces and practices math operations in a carefully designed sequence in each of three operations: addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
• a daily lesson with a teacher model and guided practice of how to solve a problem accurately and efficiently.
• daily independent practice of problems that allow the student to achieve mastery.
• extra practice and review of previous operations to maintain skill level.
• a chart for tracking individual progress that motivates students to be successful learners.
• an end of module test to demonstrate mastery.

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 Tools for Success: Math Operations by Novel Ideas


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