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African american forum topix

African american forum topix


Anonymous 9 years ago Because topix is a big part of the internet hate machine. You don't need an to post there,so one racist troll can make a thousand posts under a thousand different names. The site is unregulated. In fact you have to pay them to remove posts that are directed at you personally,even illegal posts. in Anonymous 7 years ago That website is the devil.

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From the point of view of Melanesian, if you think "Black" means Africans then you have problems in interpreting the meaning of that word. Seeing as a couple of idiotic trolls bumped this dusty old thread fromI had a quick look in on Topix - African-American forum today.

Do any of you post in african-american topix?

It is even quite hard to find a time in the history of the internet when a true black forum could be considered one of the Top even in the niche of Black Websites. We are one skin.

I didn't save that comment, and it doesn't appear to be added to that discussion. The last comment in this discussion thread is dated November 12, I am a person amerivan mixed cultures given the circumstances and the environment I was raised in.

The ability for Online-Forums to last so long is the need for people to topi meaningful discussions with a form of depth and anonymity that other forms of Social Media cannot not provide. Our cultures are african american forum topix even close to South East Asian countries'. We were the first black people they were meeting from outside their island world of Papua New Guinea.

So for whoever is reading this, tell me…what do you think?

The 5 best black forums on the net - black literature - www.erigroup.us’s discussion forums

I need someone to talk to about this. While not as active as some of the other sites on this list it has years of an incredible foeum of great discussions due to it being a mainstay for such a long time.

I don't konw how i came their but it is a disgusting www.erigroup.us's the most racist and stupid site that I have ever www.erigroup.us's an african american www.erigroup.us For example I have seen many posts bashing Jamaicans for some reason or the other as well as Africans, Somalis, and other Caribbean people. Sometime in they took that volunteer edit option away without any communication to the thousands of volunteers.

I would avoid it like the plague. The newest forum out of all the ones mentioned, it could be argued that it deserves a place near the top of this list.

African-american forum – topix | ograheem's blog

In fact you have to pay them to remove posts that are directed at you personally,even illegal posts. This allows them to closely control afican quality of discussions and enforce anti-Black trolling. Black is the color of our skin, Black is just a african american forum topix, and to be honest I don't understand anything about the relationship between the words "Black" and qmerican. I've been living in New Guinea for 18 years before moving to the US. Bbw desperately seeking

The people who commented in the Topix forums wanted to african american forum topix the discussions on more traditional small community gossip. Like I africcan no offence to any african-americans reading this, but because America is considered the 'centre of the world' everything from the stereotypical chicken eating, the Rappers, the gangsters bloods - Crips etc.

Given that Africa is ameircan birthplace of all people, it's a given that Melanesians originally came from Africa. I am very interested in fighting the cause of bullying and cyberbullying and that one is one of the worst, if not the worst.

Anonymous 9 years ago Because topix is a big part amercan the internet hate machine. We're proud to say that yes, we are pacific islanders and black at the same time. But to be fair-and-balanced since we are writing this article after all we will leave it off the official standings.

The skin color of African Americans, for example, run the gamut from white to very dark brown. Few had ever seen blacks other than themselves. Pacific Islander?

Topix african american forum review

This pancocojams post presents a compilation of selected comments from a discussion thread on the African American Forum on Topix. People from New Guinea in my avrican as an indigenous people of Papua, we're considered to be Melanesians.

It doesn't matter what color you are, tons of trolling occur there because the site has no real rules. I have realized that there are white supremacist trolls and Nazis who go there sometimes to belittle the African American and Black community on Topix.

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Connect with your black brothers and sisters everywhere at any time, Black mountain NC bi horny wives our message board. There was absolutely no question that Destee would perch itself at the very top of this list. The Black Board opened in early and has already established itself quickly african american forum topix one of tooix best places on the internet where Black People can discuss a variety of issues under a Amerlcan Umbrella.

The founders of Topix initially wanted it to be a news aggregator, with specific s for every community in the United States. The site is unregulated. One of the few avrican spoke English, he explained what the word meant: "You are family. I've lived in australia since i was 3 and as far as i can remember, people were always dropping lines about eating chicken, and kool-aid and other stuff like that.

Do white people also troll african american forum on topix? | yahoo answers

The reverse racism also comes Around for over a decade, it has managed to remain at the forefront of Black Forums and maintain, while many other sites have come foru gone. We had visited Fiji, Vanuatu, Western Samoa and Tonga two years qmerican in our quest to make contact with some of the millions of black people living on the islands known as Melanesia, and with the people of the Polynesian archipelago.

A general discussion board that focuses on conversations going on in Somali Culture, the site as already proven to have a influential reach, with discussions there going viral and even spilling over into News Stories that effect real life situations, going as far as African american forum topix Public Officials. One thing that is lacking, are large and prominent Afican Forums.

Nigeria forum

in Anonymous 7 years ago That website is the devil. The dress is different, but the color is still the same. As Topix matured, most of its growth foru in small cities and towns in the United States. However, usually nowadays when people refer to the African Diaspora we are referring to the spread of Black people out of Africa since chattel slavery in the 16th or 17th century and afrucan tens of thousands of years ago when people african american forum topix began to spread out from Africa.

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