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What does intense mean in a person

What does intense mean in a person
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They are the radicals of society, the misanthropes of the world, and the killjoys of polite and amicable conversations. Think 2 minutes at the most. We cogitate on thoughts for hours. And hours. Sometimes we plan to do or say something weeks in advance.

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No half-assing, ever. If someone stepped on it we would cringe, shriek, or melancholically stare at its remains for 10 ih. We look at people without blinking often mistaken for psychopathy. Help me out, please, all the. We prefer private messaging.

We crave meaningful conversations. We cogitate on thoughts for hours.

Intense | definition of intense at

2. Philanthropists, scientists, presidents, athletes, etc. a person given.

We like to call it extremely emotionally expressive EEE. We easily become emotionally bonded to characters in books, TV shows and movies.

Does ithe word mostly have good or bad meaning? We bring up uncomfortable and potentially embarrassing topics into normal conversations. We pay undivided attention to each person we talk to. We care about everything and everyone, constantly. Either one. We want to help everyone and everything.

20 signs of the excruciatingly intense person ⋆ lonerwolf

Question 1 of 7. What does “blatherskite” mean? Click to expand Think divorce, sex lives, religion, politics, mental illness, hemorrhoids … We brood a lot. What does it exactly mean to be an intense person in English?

Intense | meaning in the cambridge english dictionary

To the point of mental relapse. Nourish your vocabulary with a refresher on the words from the week of September 14–20, ! Sometimes, intense people achieve great things as leaders of countries, companies, organizations, etc. Lord Byron and Catherine from Wuthering Heights are our paradigms of romantic partner perfection.

For days. We want to spend all day, every day, with our best friend.

Ask them questions, for example, "What do you think is the. Sometimes we plan to do or say something weeks in advance.

Who is an intense person

That's why we usually tell an "intense person" to calm down, relax, slow down. They are the radicals of society, the misanthropes of the world, and the killjoys of polite and amicable conversations.

That said, I suspect that an "intense person" is usually seen in a negative manner, or at least in a not-so-positive manner. For instance, if we saw a snail crawling across a footpath, we would stop to help it cross.

Urban dictionary: intense

In other words, we tend to see an "intense person" as "hyperactive. We speak about everything with conviction. Sometimes months. Think 2 minutes at the most.

Who is an intense person | wordreference forums

And hours. Yes, it may feel overwhelming but try to listen for valuable substance, not their style. One thing is to be an "intense" person "to have strong feelings," "to concentrate heavily on what they do," "to be single-minded in purpose," intensse do things with passion," etc. If your heart lamented reading this post … please … I implore Lady looking sex Poulan, share your stories and experiences below.

We use intense language.

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